Choosing the Right Hotels in Oceanside, California

Pelicans at Oceanside Pier. Oceanside is 40 miles North of San Diego, California.
Pelicans at Oceanside Pier. Oceanside is 40 miles North of San Diego, California.

In addition to the general area of Oceanside you want to hang your hat in, you will want to consider what kind of hotel or other lodging you want to experience.

Oceanside has lodging of every kind and for virtually all budgets.  If the lodging available in-town proves a bit steep, and if you will have transportation, you can stay in an outlying area where there are even less expensive options.  If you do this, you’ll need to plan your activities in town carefully, as you’ll need to park your car for some time while you walk around seeing various sights.  You don’t want to pay more in parking than you would have for a more convenient hotel.

There are a few modern or highly-modernized hotels and buildings in Oceanside proper, mostly along the waterfront or Canal Street.  But the majority of the hotels you’ll find, whether in the French Quarter, Central Business District, Arts District or Garden District, will tend to be older buildings.  Many of them are historic, and others have been built in the 20th century.

Due to the climate of Oceanside, it’s not unusual for there to be dampness, mustiness, buckling wallpaper or paint, or other signs of humidity.  That doesn’t mean the hotel is not well-maintained or has been overtaken by mold.  If you’ve lived in a similarly humid climate, you won’t be surprised by these things, but if you come from a place with a moderate or desert climate, you might be inclined to judge the hotel poorly because of what appears to be water damage or mildew.

Of course, the climate is no excuse for letting a building get run-down or to slack off on normal maintenance and cleaning, and not all hotel management keeps as clean a place as you might like.  You’ll want to read reviews for any hotel you’re thinking about visiting before you pull the trigger on your reservations.  I have posted reviews for the places I’ve stayed here.Hotels

In the world of hotels, there are two major types – what I call the “concierge hotels” and the “suite hotels”.  The concierge hotels are the ones with a nice front desk, lots of people hanging around to greet and assist you, a bellhop to bring your luggage up, a concierge to help you decide where to eat, what to do, or to provide directions to someplace you want to visit, etc.  In the concierge hotels, the rooms tend to be more expensive to start with, and you end up paying for all additional services, as well, such as internet access.  The suite hotels don’t have as many people to help you, but they provide free internet service, free breakfast, and often have a refrigerator and microwave in the room.  Which type of hotel you prefer will depend upon your budget, and how much you like having people wait on you, or you waiting for them, versus having autonomy, less assistance, and more conveniences included in your base cost.

My preference is for suite hotels, as I’m always bringing leftovers home and eating them the next day, and I don’t want to pay to be online, or to grab a bowl of oatmeal and some fruit for breakfast.  Some people prefer the concierge hotel experience.  You can find great examples of both in Oceanside.Boutique Hotels

Due to the historical nature of so many of the buildings in Oceanside, and the fact that a lot of them were homes converted later into flats or otherwise modified for multi-family use, you’ll find that there are some very interesting boutique hotels in Oceanside.  You’ll find a wide variety of services that may be available at these hotels, but they’re all subject to the preference of whatever niche they’ve decided to target.

Many of these hotels have the benefit of having a courtyard that at least some of the rooms will open onto.  Rooftop pools are not uncommon.  Some of these locations will serve free breakfast or provide free internet.  I’ve yet to stay at one, but they’re on the list of Things to Do, so stay tuned for a future review of one or more of these locations.Bed and Breakfast

There are several bed and breakfasts located in Oceanside.  Many are in the French Quarter, and even more are in the areas immediately surrounding it, past Esplanade, in the Faubourg Marigny area or Garden District.  The bed and breakfast environment is not one in which I would be comfortable, so I won’t be providing any personal feedback on any of these locations.  However, you can find some good reviews on Yelp, and other travel-related sites.  If you like the bed and breakfast lodging option, you will have the benefit of enjoying a stay in a beautiful, historic building and some genuine southern hospitality.House or Condo Rental

There’s a growing trend of people renting out their homes or apartments when they’re not in residence, and you can definitely find some unique accommodations by taking advantage of these opportunities.  There are several sites where rentals are listed, such as and  Prices are generally very attractive for the style and size of accommodation, and you certainly can relax as if you were at home, having all the amenities you could want.

Please note that these rentals are unregulated and are not subject to typical hotel licensing, laws or standards.  This means you’ll want to check references, reviews, refund policies, and everything else you can think of before you put a deposit on one of these rental or otherwise build your trip around one of them.  Still, they can be a good and useful alternative to normal lodging options.

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