Kane’s Handcrafted Donuts


How truly confident does one have to be in his pastries and donuts, to be courageous enough to pin a store right in the center of the busy financial district of Boston, to compete with 32 Dunkin’ Donuts within a 1-mile radius? Pretty darn brave. Enter: Kane’s Handcrafted. We’ve all heard it a thousand and one (plus) times: “Boston runs on Dunkin’”. If anything, I can attest to running away from the famous Dunkin’ donuts, and heading over to Kane’s instead.

Starting off as a low-key donut house in Saugus, Kane’s Donuts has finally risen to the occasion to expand their locations after 60 years of serving the Boston suburbs. For that, I thank you Mr. Delios. Being a native to Boston, I am fortunate enough to be 0.5miles walking distance from this new donut hub. Call it an advantage to jump-start my metabolism prior to devouring what always turns out to be 1-2 donuts each visit. Unlike most of the previous blog entries, I have written this entry over 3 visits, so bare with me. To this date, my guiltless selection of donuts incudes:

⦿Reese’s Cup
⦿Orange Creamsicle Glazed
⦿Maple Bacon
⦿Boston Cream
⦿Gluten Free Chocolate
⦿Chocolate Orgasm
⦿Apple Fritter

dessert – chocolate, caramel, and crunch! Picture all that on top of a chocolate, medium dense dough and you have yourself a finger-licking creation. It’s the first donut from Kane’s Handcrafted I had bitten into; I immediately got hooked. The sweet dressing on top doesn’t overpower the rest of the dough, and with that, this creation deserves a 10/10.


I’m nutty for nut-flavored donuts. The Pistachio donut is no exception. What’s green, round, glazed, and decorated with actual pistachios? This little beauty. Much like the infamous Kane’s Maple Bacon donut, the glaze is superb. Perhaps the same glaze constitutes both pastries? Regardless, the sweet taste doesn’t over power the pistachio flavor. The dough is super light and airy, and with that scores an easy 9/10. A popular one with reason.

Reese’s Cup

Reese’s Cup donut is a visual beauty. What I originally thought is going to be a cream or chocolate filled donut, turns out to be a simple donut – much like the Pistachio – with a creamy, chocolatey glaze and fun design. The donut is topped with whip cream and 1/4 of a Reese’s piece in place of the donut hole. If you LOVE Reese’s, this donut is for you. I’m still a little heart broken I didn’t bite into a creamy, peanut buttercup-like cream filling; but, my taste buds were satisfied allowing this donut rate 8/10.

Orange Creamsicle Glaze

Two of donuts I wasn’t too fascinated with: Orange Creamsicle and Coconut donuts. The Coconut donut is covered well with lightly shredded coconut flakes, which compromise the simple yet sweet and airy donut. Not being a fan of fruity flavored donuts, Orange Creamsicle donut is not one I would gravitate towards again; yet, I highly recommend it if you’re not into very dense and overpowering flavors. Pair either with a nice cup of iced coffee, and you’re good to go!


Baklava is a traditional Greek and Turkish dessert. What do you get when you transform my favorite dessert into a donut? Pure bliss. Yes, the Baklava donut is a real thing, and a menu item I had been requesting to be sold at Kane’s from my very first visit. The donut is more cake like in texture, similar to that of coffee cake. It’s drizzled in just enough sweet honey-like glaze – much like an actual baklava – and topped of with chopped walnuts. An easy 9/10. I would love to see the cronut version of the famous delicacy.

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