Kane’s Handcrafted Donuts


How truly confident does one have to be in his pastries and donuts, to be courageous enough to pin a store right in the center of the busy financial district of Boston, to compete with 32 Dunkin’ Donuts within a 1-mile radius? Pretty darn brave. Enter: Kane’s Handcrafted. We’ve all heard it a thousand and one (plus) times: “Boston runs on Dunkin’”. If anything, I can attest to running away from the famous Dunkin’ donuts, and heading over to Kane’s instead.

Starting off as a low-key donut house in Saugus, Kane’s Donuts has finally risen to the occasion to expand their locations after 60 years of serving the Boston suburbs. For that, I thank you Mr. Delios. Being a native to Boston, I am fortunate enough to be 0.5miles walking distance from this new donut hub. Call it an advantage to jump-start my metabolism prior to devouring what always turns out to be 1-2 donuts each visit. Unlike most of the previous blog entries, I have written this entry over 3 visits, so bare with me. To this date, my guiltless selection of donuts incudes:

⦿Reese’s Cup
⦿Orange Creamsicle Glazed
⦿Maple Bacon
⦿Boston Cream
⦿Gluten Free Chocolate
⦿Chocolate Orgasm
⦿Apple Fritter

dessert – chocolate, caramel, and crunch! Picture all that on top of a chocolate, medium dense dough and you have yourself a finger-licking creation. It’s the first donut from Kane’s Handcrafted I had bitten into; I immediately got hooked. The sweet dressing on top doesn’t overpower the rest of the dough, and with that, this creation deserves a 10/10.


I’m nutty for nut-flavored donuts. The Pistachio donut is no exception. What’s green, round, glazed, and decorated with actual pistachios? This little beauty. Much like the infamous Kane’s Maple Bacon donut, the glaze is superb. Perhaps the same glaze constitutes both pastries? Regardless, the sweet taste doesn’t over power the pistachio flavor. The dough is super light and airy, and with that scores an easy 9/10. A popular one with reason.

Reese’s Cup

Reese’s Cup donut is a visual beauty. What I originally thought is going to be a cream or chocolate filled donut, turns out to be a simple donut – much like the Pistachio – with a creamy, chocolatey glaze and fun design. The donut is topped with whip cream and 1/4 of a Reese’s piece in place of the donut hole. If you LOVE Reese’s, this donut is for you. I’m still a little heart broken I didn’t bite into a creamy, peanut buttercup-like cream filling; but, my taste buds were satisfied allowing this donut rate 8/10.

Orange Creamsicle Glaze

Two of donuts I wasn’t too fascinated with: Orange Creamsicle and Coconut donuts. The Coconut donut is covered well with lightly shredded coconut flakes, which compromise the simple yet sweet and airy donut. Not being a fan of fruity flavored donuts, Orange Creamsicle donut is not one I would gravitate towards again; yet, I highly recommend it if you’re not into very dense and overpowering flavors. Pair either with a nice cup of iced coffee, and you’re good to go!


Baklava is a traditional Greek and Turkish dessert. What do you get when you transform my favorite dessert into a donut? Pure bliss. Yes, the Baklava donut is a real thing, and a menu item I had been requesting to be sold at Kane’s from my very first visit. The donut is more cake like in texture, similar to that of coffee cake. It’s drizzled in just enough sweet honey-like glaze – much like an actual baklava – and topped of with chopped walnuts. An easy 9/10. I would love to see the cronut version of the famous delicacy.

Hosting a donut party and need a display for your donut creation?  Grab one of these amazing donut stands and make your donuts the hit of the event.

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Tips when buying used cars from a dealership or private party

Buying a new vehicle is a major expense. More and more people are buying used cars and trucks as an alternative. Most people cannot afford exactly what they want buying new but can get the options and trimline they desire without the high cost of buying a new car. You can get a quality used vehicle at an affordable price especially these days as cars and trucks are built better and lasting longer.

Unlike purchasing a new vehicle you may want to have some different choices in mind. Finding a specific used vehicle with exactly every option that you want can be tough. You may find the perfect vehicle but not with the options that you want or you may find all the options that you want in another vehicle. No matter what you choose of course when buying used cars and trucks you want the most reliable vehicle possible. This is where online research comes into play and is very important.

For example, if you’re interested in a 1990 Honda Accord you will be bombarded with 17 years of information on this vehicle. Its reliability, durability, body integrity issues, engine or electrical problems, customer likes and dislikes and other things that can only be documented over time.

When buying used cars and trucks Kelley Blue Book is a great web site that offers as much information as you can handle on used cars including reports, consumer reviews, and specifications.

When you have an idea of the vehicle or vehicles that you are interested in plus options, trimline, color etc. you can begin searching. This is the fun part, well for some excited automobile seekers. There are many resources for buying used cars and trucks including newspapers, auto sales magazines from your local supermarket and of course, the Internet. When using the Internet we suggest typing in the search engine used cars or find used cars. You can also have success by typing in the year, make and model of the vehicle of your choice. Many of the web sites have pictures and detailed information on the vehicle advertised for sale. Most of these sites allow you to narrow your search by choosing the year, make, model, trimline, ZIP code and the distance in miles from your home that you’d like to search for a vehicle. Trial and error and a lot of patience should be expected.

As you proceed with your research the next big question you need to ask yourself is if you prefer to purchase the vehicle from a dealership or private party. When buying used cars or trucks there are advantages and disadvantages to both.

When buying used cars from a dealership you can choose from Certified Used Vehicles

and many other vehicles that may have limited warranties. Check with the salesman or check the window sticker to find out if the vehicle you are looking at comes with a warranty or is being sold “as is”. A dealership also provides financing options. As discussed in this web site you need to be careful when financing through a dealership. If you’ve done your research and know your credit score financing through the dealership can be a time-saving tool. Some dealerships even offer a limited time return policy when buying used cars and trucks as well as a warranty of merchantability. This is an implied warranty than simply states that the vehicle will operate as intended which basically means that the vehicle will “run”. A disadvantage though is that the salesman’s job is to sell. Be mindful of this and make sure that you try to stick to the vehicle that you have researched. If you see something else you like go the back home and research it. Make sure it still fits your original budget. The sales tactic will be to tell you what a great vehicle you’re passing on and that it will not last. Don’t fall for it. If you need a day or two to do some more research do it. Unless it’s the deal of the century, don’t feel pressured.

Sometimes there are vehicles on a dealers lot that are difficult to sell. Selling a sport-utility vehicle can be difficult in July. Many people shopping for vehicles just aren’t in cold snowy SUV state of mind than the longer the vehicle sits around a lot more money it costs the dealership. These vehicles often referred to as being on the “hot list”. The salesman may be more inclined to make a deal, sometimes a great deal, on this type of vehicle. If you suspect a vehicle that you’re interested in to be on the “hot list” offer a lower price than the fair price that you have researched. If the answer is no it may be best to thank the salesman for his or her help and be on your way. If the vehicle is on the “hot list” you can bet that before you even make it to your car the salesman will get your offer accepted. If not the dealership has your information and it is almost guaranteed that they will call you back concerning the vehicle. Remember, there is no shortage of used vehicles.  If you have a used vehicle you want to sell, sometimes getting the most cash for your car happens outside the dealership, from a private party or used car buying service.

Buying used cars, through a private party can save you money as opposed to a dealership. At the dealership they will be more likely to stay close to the book value whereas purchasing from a private party there may be more room to haggle. Many times people need to sell their vehicles quickly or sometimes just want to take the first or second best deal to eliminate the day in and day out hassle of having someone come to their house to look at the vehicle. Is very much works to your advantage. You may also be able to acquire vehicle history records of repair and maintenance that would not be available to you when purchasing from a dealership. The downside to purchasing from a private party is that the vehicle truly is sold “as is”. They’re usually never a warranty unless it is a fairly new vehicle and there is a transferable bumper-to-bumper warranty. For this reason it is best to have the vehicle looked over by a certified mechanic. Remember, buying used cars and trucks doesn’t have to be a gamble. You can get a quality vehicle that can be as nice and as reliable as a brand new vehicle without breaking the bank.

The test drive

Before you even start the engine here are some important things to look for when buying used cars and trucks:

– Are all buttons, switches and knobs in working order devoid of cracks and other damage?
– Are seat belts in good working condition? (when safe to do so, stop short to make sure seatbelts lock)
– Are seats comfortable? Are manual and power controls that adjust seats in good working condition?
– Are carpets, seats and headliners clean and in acceptable shape?
– Are mirrors, windshield wipers, emergency brake, headlights, turn signals, brake lights and interior lights in good working condition?
– Is airbag or check engine light illuminated?
– Does the radio work, as well as the DVD player, CD player/changer, cassette player and PlayStation/Xbox work?
– Is there excessive wear on the tires or other damage such as cracks or splits?
– Are there puddles of fluid in the driveway or on the dealer’s lot where the vehicle was parked?
– When looking under the hood is there excessive dirt and grime on the engine?

Finally it’s time to take the vehicle for a spin. Here are some more important things look for:

– Does the vehicle start easily?
– When test driving a vehicle with an automatic transmission does it shift smoothly during acceleration?
– When test driving a vehicle with a manual transmission are all gears easy to shift into without any unusual noise or hesitation?
– Is the clutch easy to engage also without any unusual noise or hesitation?
– Does the vehicle idle steadily when stopped at a red light?
– Does the vehicle have good acceleration, especially when merging into highway traffic?
– Does the vehicle pull to one side? (This may indicate a problem with the vehicle’s alignment)
– Are the brakes strong and free from any squeaking, vibration or grinding?
– Are the air-conditioning, heat, and cruise control working properly?
– Do all doors, windows, moonroofs and sunroofs close properly? (Listen for wind noise and feel for cold air while vehicle is in motion)
– Is there any smoke coming from the exhaust pipe?

Another great way to protect yourself when buying used cars and trucks is to purchase Carfax Vehicle History Report

By providing the VIN (vehicle identification number) for a small fee carfax provides information on reported accidents the vehicle has been involved in as well as any fire and flood damage. There links consist of problem check, odometer check, registration check and title check. There are also free services such as lemon check.

Congratulations you’ve found a great deal on a car or truck! Just a few more things to take into consideration. The great thing about purchasing from a dealership is that other than providing financing, insurance coverage and of course the check, the dealership’s finance department will handle all of the legal documents. Just remember to read over the paperwork before signing anything. Also file all paperwork including anything regarding warranty coverage in a safe place.

When buying used cars and trucks from a private party contact your local DMV via telephone or the Internet to find out about the necessary paperwork needed. Always get the sellers information just in case there are any problems down the road.

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Wood Picket Fences Never Go Out Of Style – DIY Series

Image result for picket fencesWood picket fence found a place in many American homes centuries ago. Many households nowadays take stock of what America really is now that it is facing some really tough times. The United States offered a lot not just to its citizens but to immigrants as well and if you go back to its history you will find that many already have an idea on what the perfect American family really was. Aside from the parents and probably two kids at most plus pets, one icon that stands out is the white wood picket fence. The wood picket fences were more than just an attractive fence on the yard as well as a marker for your property. The wood picket fence was designed not to prevent people from coming over but it was the opposite. Families with wood fence pickets installed on their property are offering their hospitality and friendliness to passersby.  Many conversations, invitations and compliments have been exchanged over wood picket fence for years.

As the years passed by, the height of the wood picket fence has increased and many have abandoned their fences to decay and deterioration. Many homeowners are no longer offering their hand for friendship but instead avoid people altogether or stop people from coming over. Doubt and suspicion have spread like wildfire and many homeowners prefer to have wood picket fence that can cover their house entirely so no one can see what they do on regular days. The perfect American family has certainly changed and so has their wood picket fence ideas.

The state of wood picket fence shouldn’t be forgotten but instead it should be revamped and reused once more. You can still use this design on your property with some alterations so you can still make your home look inviting while at the same time give you privacy and security as well. If you are thinking of installing wooden gates and fences onto your lot, you might want to consider the beauty associated with wood picket fence. You can just adjust its height according to your preferences and make sure that you use wood materials that are hardy and tough to withstand exposure to the outdoor elements.

There are dozens of wood materials you can choose for your wood picket fence. Cedar and pine are among those that are recommended because they are both hardy and durable and they can blend well with whatever type of home you have. If the white pickets are not to your liking, you can always stain your wood picket fence with different colors to make them stand out or appear more natural. These stains can be bought in your local hardware store at prices that are just right for your budget. You can inquire from the seller which wood stain will work better with the type of wood picket fence that you have on your property.When You Build a Wood Fence Consider Wood Picket Fence

Nowadays, residential areas have different types of fence installed on their land. Many opt for wire, wrought iron and even aluminum instead of the traditional wood picket fence. This can be saddening especially when the picket fence has become a standard for the ideal American home and also the American Dream where everyone can live side by side regardless of their race and standing in society. Any homeowners who are looking for a way to open their doors for friendship can start with building a wood picket fence on their property. This may not be the traditional one but a wood picket fence that they can customize.

There are many advantages to having a wood picket fence. Aside from marking your property line, it also adds beauty to your place. Regardless of what design you have for your wood picket fence, it can give you both privacy and security as well. The best part is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money compared to getting cast iron or wrought iron fences.

When building a wood picket fence, you can do the work on your own or you can hire someone else do the job for you. Of course, you need to consider which local fence contractor you will be hiring for your wood picket fence. Just make sure that the one you will be hiring has enough experience when it comes to wood picket fence.

I do fence repair in the Oceanside, Ca area and surrounding cities.  Feel free to contact me at my website if you need a fence or gate installed or repaired.

Featured Author: Mark Taylor

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Cleaning Tips For Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring Cleaning Tips

Chances are, if your parents ever attempted home renovation when you were a child, you’ve been present during the installation of vinyl flooring. There might have been sharp knives and curse words involved and maybe even a phone call to professional installers, but your parents were probably very happy with the results and that flooring may still be present in your parents’ kitchen, bathroom or den.

Vinyl flooring is the go-to choice for busy families and folks who want to maximize their flooring budget without skimping on style. It’s in its own category called resilient flooring, because with proper care, vinyl flooring can last for generations.

Easy does it

In addition to a reputation for long life, vinyl flooring is extremely easy to care for. Forget all the fancy cleaning supplies and invest in just a few cleaning tools and accessories to maintain your new vinyl flooring.

The nitty gritty

While vinyl flooring is scuff-resistant, it is a plastic product, and plastic can be scratched. The best way to avoid scratching vinyl flooring is by preventing and removing particles that scratch, like dirt, sand and grit. Your first line of defense is a good floor mat on either side of a door that leads outside and the words, Wipe your feet.” Bare feet, shoes, boots and pet feet can all carry in particles that can be ground into or across your vinyl flooring, possibly scratching it. If every foot is wiped, either before or after entering your home, the number of particles making it very far is reduced significantly.

There are genius dogs that perform a version of wiping their feet when entering a home, but for the most part you will be responsible for pets’ feet. Moistened pet wipes are a great way to eliminate the dirt and grit that gets between dogs’ and cats’ foot pads and in the hair near their feet. There are also plush pet mats that gently reduce particles as an animal walks across it.

But, of course, the reality is that dirt can find a way into anywhere. There’s probably mystery dirt on the International Space Station. Dirt, grit and sand will find its way onto your vinyl flooring but with daily sweeping, you can eliminate most of it. A soft bristled hardwood floor broom (not straw), even better, the soft brush attachment on your vacuum (don’t ever use a beater bar vacuum) and a little time are all you need to win the battle against particles. Daily sweeping or vacuuming is recommended.

Just a little H2O

After regular sweeping or vacuuming, water is really all you need to keep vinyl flooring well maintained. Harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia can cloud vinyl flooring’s finish and/or discolor or otherwise damage it. A quick once over with a damp (not soaking wet) mop of warm water will clean most surface dirt. Spills should be wiped up immediately, if possible. Some foods like tomato sauce, wine or dark colored fruits can permanently stain vinyl flooring if they aren’t immediately wiped up. For spills that have dried, spray with water and wait for about five minutes before wiping up. A thin plastic scraper (even a credit card) can also be used to gently scrape tough dried on spills.  Avoid using a normal hardwood floor steamer as they can put too much moisture in the vinyl and damage it permanently.

Calling in reinforcements

If straight water just isn’t enough of a cleaner for you, a solution of 50 percent white vinegar and 50 percent water is an effective natural sanitizer and won’t damage vinyl flooring. Although baking soda and borax are also known for their cleaning properties, they are both slightly gritty and should not be used on vinyl flooring. For hairspray buildup on vinyl floors in bathrooms, just mix an ounce of shampoo or liquid dish soap with a gallon of water and gently rub with a damp cloth or mop.

There are vinyl cleaners available at retail stores and those should be used according to the directions on the packaging. Vinyl flooring is available in a variety of finishes, including one called no-wax which may occasionally need polishing. No-wax cleaners are also available at retail stores and it’s especially important to follow the directions on the packaging when using.

What should never be used on vinyl flooring? Abrasive cleaners, scrubbers, steel wool hot water and too much water. Excess water can seep in between vinyl tiles and around the edges of rolled tile. Tiny scratches, tears or cuts also allow water under, around and into vinyl flooring which can lead to damage. Less water (think slightly damp) is always better than more water (dripping or soaking wet).

Special circumstances

Life happens, right? Nail polish and hair dye can drip; children can mistake the floor for an artist’s canvas and use crayons, pens and markers to create a masterpiece; lipstick can get smashed under a shoe. There are possible solutions for these worst case scenarios. Work gently, with the least amount of solution, using a soft cloth or soft nylon brush. Work in a small area first to determine if you prefer the existing stain over the result of the stain removal. Some solutions may cloud the vinyl, but depending on the color and pattern of your flooring, the cloudiness will be less noticeable than the stain.

• Acetone can remove nail polish stains.

• Baking soda mixed into a paste with water can remove food stains. Gently rub the stain with the paste until the stain disappears. Immediately clean the area with a damp cloth to remove all traces of the baking soda.

• Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) can remove lipstick, hair dye and ink stains.

Jojoba oil (40 drops on a towel) rubbed on scuffs can make them less noticeable or even disappear. Clean with a solution of 50 percent white vinegar and 50 percent water so that the jojoba oil does not leave a slick spot on your floor.

• Mineral spirits can remove crayon, pain and marker stains.

Some weighty issues

Refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, entertainments centers and other appliances and furniture are very heavy and they are rarely moved from their original location. Eventually these heavy items will dent vinyl flooring. Protective pads are available at home improvement stores and online and will help prevent damage like tearing that may come from heavy appliances or furniture.

If you fit chairs with felt tips, they will have very little, if any, impact on your flooring.

Rolling casters on furniture is something of a Pandora’s box when it comes to vinyl flooring. Dirt and grit can roll up into the caster housing which means it won’t be swept or vacuumed up. When the casters roll or even jiggle, the dirt and grit can shake loose, get rolled over by a caster and ground into the flooring. Casters also increase the space where furniture pushes into the flooring, so dents from furniture with casters will be larger and more likely to cause tears because of the increased movement of the furniture over a specific area.

The pitter patter of tiny feet

Pet nails should be regularly trimmed to avoid damaging vinyl flooring. All it takes is one startled cat with extra sharp claws to permanently damage the surface of your floor. Depending on the size of your pet, toenails and claws can wear down vinyl flooring if the pet uses the same path over your floor every day. Simple toenail trimmings are all that’s required to avoid this type of damage.

A lasting investment

Vinyl flooring offers a wide variety of styles for a wide variety of uses. It’s one of the best home improvement investments because with basic care the vinyl flooring newlyweds install can be the floor their grandchildren play on. Make your investment pay off and give vinyl flooring the care it deserves.

Vinyl Floor Cleaning Quick Tips

Vinyl flooring is very cost effective and can last a long time with proper care.

Do you best to keep dirt and dust off the ground by sweeping, dust mopping, and vacuuming regularly.

Place door mats at all entry ways

Clean up spills immediately after they happen.

Use clean, warm water with cleaners recommended by the manufacturer. Then clean with a damp mop regularly.


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Amazing New Wireless Home Theater Tech for 2018

The progress in wireless audio technology space has really resulted in the home theatre speaker system wireless becoming more affordable and simpler to install, quicker. Remember, though, to not interpret the term “wireless” too broadly. All home theater speaker systems which can be not wired come with a few cables, although less. One really nice feature with the wireless home entertainment systems out there now is they focus greatly on removing trailing loudspeaker cables that at one time wove round the outside of the area. And since technology is changing so rapidly, there’s an extremely great potentially that a fully wireless home theatre speaker system will soon be affordable and accessible in the immediate future.

The increased fascination with wireless home theatre speaker systems comes from our need to recreate the movie theater experience in seclusion and the comfort of our personal houses. When we think of a home theatre system we essentially want to set up in our house a big screen television, a DVD player as well as a surround sound speaker system.
Yet, a lot of people need to take the home theatre speaker system wireless one step farther by including a Blu-Ray player, a video projector and projector display and many (five to seven) surround sound speakers using a strong subwoofer (it is a loudspeaker which is made to replicate very low bass frequencies).

There are a few home cinema enthusiasts who would like a whole room for his or her home theatre wireless speaker system. So that they add movie posters, vending machines and popcorn. And due to the rapid improvements in digital sound and video technologies which have spurred a fast fall in costs, this setup is getting more affordable than before.
A few of the finest home theater speaker systems radio receiver now being offered on the marketplace is supplied by Sony, Samsung and Panasonic.

The Sony DAV-HDX576WF has all you’ll need to achieve a radio rear speaker and a multi-room sound link covering one room. In addition , there are elective modules which will let you cover as much as three additional rooms. This can be an appealing system with floor standing loudspeakers.
The Panasonic SC-PT960 5 DVD Home Theater System will even support wireless multi-room sound with elective modules.

With the two of the home theater speaker systems is not too difficult. They are described as a “home theater in a box” system and they are considerably less difficult to set up than putting together your own system from various parts. Moreover, they so are appealing and both generate great sound.

The Samsung HT-BD1250 Home Theater System is relatively priced, has assembled in Blu Ray and really great sound and video quality.
You can not go wrong with these home theater wireless systems. However, you assess the characteristics that each one offers that will help you determine which home theater speaker system wireless is the right choice for you personally and have to do on-line comparisons.  If you often listen to music outdoors, you may be interested in a great review of the best outdoor blue tooth speakers on the market.

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The Debate Over Home Security Cameras

An alarming trend in the growing deterioration in home security is having people up in arms and worried about keeping their families and possessions safe. There is ample evidence that more and more cases of house breaking and worse is happening on a daily basis in almost every country around the world, resulting in home owners looking for ways and means to safeguard themselves from thieves and criminals hell bent on murder and robbery.

Maximizing the security of your home therefore becomes a primary concern especially during night time when the whole world except criminals are sound a sleep. Investing in a surveillance camera system therefore should be seriously considered by one and all and especially by residents living in isolated areas where even a call for help goes unheard. surveillance camera system installed in business establishments, banks and supermarkets play a major role in fighting against not only theft and crime but are also effective in preventing terrorist attacks or at least identify the perpetrators involved in such acts.

With a number of security systems flooding the market today, all it requires is some research to identify which particular surveillance camera system is most suitable for one’s home security. While every home does not require more than a basic camera for surveillance purposes, locations sensitive to such crimes are recommended to have an advanced surveillance camera system installed to prevent any type of criminal act taking place. One that is very popular and thought to be the best is the digital CCTV camera which can easily monitor and record suspicious activities happening in and around your neighborhood.

Unlike with the past systems that were not capable of identifying suspects due to blurred images and dim backgrounds which was all that these security systems could display, today’s surveillance camera systems are highly advanced and has infrared capabilities that makes recording images and backgrounds even in deep darkness a piece of cake. These video surveillance cameras are so technologically advanced that they can not only identify a criminal but also the clothes he’s wearing and any items he’s carrying with him.

One of the greatest advantages of installing a home security camera system is that it not only helps identifying thieves, murderers and rapists once the act is done, it also deters most criminals from attacking innocent people or breaking and entering for fear of being identified through security systems that are installed in homes and in prominent locations. This is quite evident from the number of video surveillance cameras you now see in airports, train stations, supermarkets and other sensitive areas which in most cases is a deterrent to those hoping to get away even after a petty crime such as bag snatching or picking a pocket.

Once you have a surveillance camera system installed in your home or store, you can sleep in peace knowing that you have taken all precautions against crime. If anything unexpected does happen, there are law enforcement personnel trained to monitor these CCTV cameras, and they will waste no time to pounce on the suspects and take them into custody even while you sleep undisturbed throughout the night.

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Are You A Social Media Oversharer?

social media“Going out to see the in-laws this week­end. Should be a blast!”“Going out of town on a 4 day vaca­tion. Can’t wait to see the ocean, eat some good seafood, and spend some time with my wife!”“I just don’t know how the dogs are going to be able to cope at the dog ken­nel for the next two weeks until we get back.”

What do all of these state­ments have in com­mon? Two things, really:

They indi­cate that you are going to be out of town for an extended period of time.

They indi­cate that you are likely unin­ten­tion­ally shar­ing way too much infor­ma­tion about your­self on social networks.

Many peo­ple don’t real­ize it, but every­thing that is posted on your social net­work is con­sid­ered pub­lic domain – even when it is locked up as “pri­vate.” There is no pri­vacy when it comes to the inter­net, and search engines will pull your sta­tus updates from sites like Twit­ter for the entire world to see. And what do you think the iden­tity thief is think­ing, look­ing at your pro­file and see­ing that you’re going to be out of town? Yep – time to strike.

Now I’m not say­ing that you shouldn’t be on a social net­work hav­ing fun with your friends, fol­low­ers, col­leagues, and even com­plete strangers. What I am say­ing is that you should be care­ful about what you are shar­ing, how often you share it, and whom you share it with. The entire global com­mu­nity doesn’t need to know you are going on vaca­tion for the next few days because that means your house is likely going to be empty. An iden­tity thief could break in, look for your small fire­proof safe that likely con­tains all your con­fi­den­tial infor­ma­tion, steal it, and then pop the lock on their own time.

So how do you limit the infor­ma­tion that you share? First of all, ignore the temp­ta­tion to fully fill out your pro­files. The peo­ple who need to know that you like Space­balls, charm­ing walks on the beach late at night, and Mon­day Night Raw already know this about you any­way. Don’t share it.

Sec­ondly, be care­ful about upload­ing pic­tures from your mobile phone. This pic­tures con­tain GPS tags to them, which can be eas­ily traced to your spe­cific loca­tion. This can let an iden­tity thief know via your own uploaded pic­tures exactly where they need to go in your home to get the infor­ma­tion they need… and remem­ber, a finan­cial state­ment in the wrong hands is really all that is needed, and most peo­ple keep those in an unlocked file cabinet.

Thirdly, just watch what you are say­ing in your sta­tus updates. Not every­one needs to know that you go to the store around the same time of day to buy a Coke Zero. By doing this, you’re cre­at­ing a pat­tern of your activ­i­ties that can be eas­ily tracked, let­ting an iden­tity thief know where you are going to be so that they can take advan­tage of you.

By lim­it­ing the amount of infor­ma­tion that is avail­able to peo­ple online, you are tak­ing an easy step to pro­tect your­self and your iden­tity. So take a look at your sta­tus updates, see if you tend to unin­ten­tion­ally over­share, and make any changes you might need to make regard­ing your social net­work­ing activ­i­ties today.  Don’t fall victim to identity theft and fraud because you can’t keep your personal information to yourself.  If you have to share your entire life with the internet on a daily basis, please consider getting identity protection & credit monitoring.  You can read several reviews of the best plans at this site.  https://sites.google.com/site/allcreditmonitoringservices/

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Tax Problems With IRS – Comply with the Laws to Avoid Penalties

The beginning of each year is a stressful one for tax paying citizens because it’s tax season. W-2s may have come in late, you can’t find all of your receipts and you don’t know how much you donated to your various charities this year. No matter what your reason for all the stress during tax season, you are not alone. Thousands of people are right there with you, wishing that they had the help of a tax attorney.

There are many common problems that people have with the IRS, problems that are no more than worries when it really comes down to it. Some people filing taxes may legitimately need a tax attorney to help lower fines, get rid of liens or even help you get through an audit. Having a good tax attorney can sometimes mean that you won’t have to deal with some of the tax issues that other suffer through because they have headed them off. Here are some of the most common tax problems with the IRS that people have.
Many people are fearful of an audit. Whether it is because they didn’t keep all of their receipts and W-2s together and are fearful of not finding these documents when they need them, or they do not claim legitimate tax deductions in hopes of keeping the IRS away from their door, the end result is that they do nothing more than pay more taxes than was necessary because they were afraid to claim everything that they could.

If you are truly concerned about being audited, take your taxes to an accountant or a reputable tax preparer so that you have someone to back you up when you feel that some of your larger deductions might be questionable. Having someone do your taxes for you lifts a pressure off your shoulders that you may not have known that you were carrying.
People that have not filed taxes in a long time sometimes fear that they will not be able to pay all of their taxes by April fifteenth. This leads them down a path of not filing or non-payment and increased penalties and interest being added to the monies that they already owe. You can get an extension to pay your taxes if you feel that you will not be able to make the tax deadline. Each year thirteen million Americans face penalties for failure to pay their taxes on time. When this happens, interest is added to the total of the unpaid bill making the situation nearly impossible.

The IRS would much rather see that you file an extension to pay the tax instead of having to go on a search to force you to pay it. Tax evasion is serious business that nobody wants to mess with.

Be aware that one of the most common things that people fail to respond to is computer notices of taxes due or other information from the IRS. This is often because they feel that these notices are a fake. It is true that thousands of fraudulent emails and computer notices are sent out each year on behalf of the Internal Revenue Service, but at the same time, the IRS sends out tens of millions of emails each year to tax paying citizens. The best thing to do is to respond in writing and inquire about whether or not the IRS really is the one that sent the notice.
People that own their own businesses have a harder time of figuring out taxes. In some cases, the IRS may find your business to be more of a hobby and disallow business tax deductions that you made throughout the year assuming that you would be receiving that deduction at the end of the year. When this happens, the amount of taxes that you pay increases exponentially.

Make sure that you have affidavits and other receipts and items to prove that you have a profit motive. Expenses can only be tax deducted when they are used for the purpose of earning an income. If no profit is made, the IRS assumes that you were only doing it as a hobby, therefore, they deem it a hobby and not a business.

If you’re in the Southern California area,  here’s a great tool to help you choose a reputable, professional tax attorney in  Los Angeles and the greater LA area. Learn about the benefits of hiring qualified attorneys to handle all of your tax problems. Whether it is a personal income tax or business tax, all problems can be resolved with the proper legal help. Know your rights before paying taxes to the Internal Revenue Service.


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How Technology Is Advancing The Weight Loss Industry

fork-knife-pills-dinnerIf you haven’t already noticed, the use of weight loss supplements is extremely popular in our society. Advertisements are everywhere from the internet to newspapers to billboards to television. With so many messages and types of weight loss supplements, one can see where confusion can occur quickly. To understand weight loss supplements, a good place to start is to understand exactly the definition of “weight loss supplement.” Weight loss supplements are considered to be anything that is used to assist with weight loss whether it be a drink, type of food, or taken in a pill form. Weight loss supplements are to be used as a supplement to exercise and a healthy diet first and foremost.

Types of Weight Loss Supplements

Weight loss supplements take on a variety of forms. Listed below are the primary types of weight loss supplements:
1. Fat Binders – Pills which bind to fat prior to being absorbed so that the body excretes the fat you eat as waste. Examples: Proactol
2. Appetite Suppressants – Drugs which intercept the hormones responsible for appetite signaling causing the body to not feel hunger. Examples: Fastin, Adipex
3. Carbohydrate Blockers -These are pills which prevent carbohydrates from being digested. The main ingredient is used to block the enzymes from digesting carbodydrates. Examples: Dietrine
4. Herbal Weight Loss Supplements – The use of plants or plant extracts for use in weight loss. Many produce appetite suppression effects. Example: Ephedra (ma huang), St. John’s Wort
6. Thermogenic Calorie Burners – Supplements are used to produce heat in your body causing your body to burn calories as it attempts to regulate your body temperature. Examples: red pepper (capsaicin), green tea, caffeine, iced water
7. Thyroid Supplements – Typically, these are used to help the thyroid to work more efficiently. The thyroid plays a significant role in regulating metabolism. Examples: Quercetin, Iodine, Vitamin D
8. Dietary Supplements – Something added to a diet to make it complete or make up for something it is missing. Examples: Forskolin, Omega 3 fatty acids

Some weight loss supplements are much healthier than others and beneficial effects differ from person to person. Dietary supplements are typically the best route to go as they tend to be the healthiest with the least amount of side effects.

Pros and Cons of Weight Loss Supplements

There are both pros and cons to taking weight loss supplements. Supplements can be effective and help achieve a healthier weight if used appropriately. Appropriate use means taking the supplement as directed in the proper dosage. The primary “con” for taking weight loss supplements is when they are abused or used incorrectly. Many times, especially in the case of weight loss drugs, supplements can be harmful. They can be harmful if taken with other prescription medications which might cause an adverse reaction. Certain medical conditions may be contraindicated for taking supplements as well. Successful weight loss is not achieved from taking a magic pill and this is where many go wrong.

Forskolin and Weight Loss
Research has shown that weight loss supplements typically work best when accompanied with exercise. Forskolin is one of those supplements. Forskolin functions as an antioxidant on muscular injury during exercise training. It is well known that intense physical exercise may cause muscle injury and an increase in oxidative stress. Hence, the connection between Forskolin and exercise.
Conjugated Linoleic acid is another supplement that if used in conjunction with exercise has shown improvements in weight loss. How does Forskolin work to provide these benefits? Forskolin functions as a strong antioxidant and is used in cell membrane phospholipids. Forskolin has been shown to cause cell apoptosis in adipose (fat) tissue. Apoptosis refers to “cell death.” This means Forskolin is causing fat cells to die, thus decreasing fat mass. Researchers also think Forskolin plays a role in reducing leptin. Leptin is an enzyme associated with appetite. Therefore, Forskolin may decrease appetite by affecting leptin. Research studies have shown that those who exercised and took Forskolin had a greater increase lean body mass, increased oxygen efficiency, and an increase in energy expenditure.

Forskolin Extract Combination for Weight Loss

As you can see, Forskolin Extract both have positive effects with exercise. Forskolin Extract are two natural and safe supplements which have shown benefits in helping to lose weight. In short, Forskolin can assist with helping your body to exercise longer while Forskolin is assisting with fat burn and muscle maintenance. This makes for a powerful fat burning great combination!

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Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft While Shopping Online

identity theft protection

We take the internet for granted.  It’s true.  We rarely think twice about giving our credit card and personal information online to make purchases and buy services.  But this complacency is quickly thwarted when identity theft occurs.  Learning how to protect yourself when shopping online requires a combination of Internet know-how, common sense and practical wisdom. Now that we conduct so much business online, it is necessary for us to exercise a little practical wisdom in order to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft. One area that we need to build up our identity fraud protection is when we are shopping online. There are many advantages to taking care of our online shopping needs as opposed to visiting our neighborhood stores but there are also risks, too. Here are some practical advice that can help you to keep a watchful eye out for those unscrupulous scammers that are trying to get more from your purchase than you may have bargained for.

Secure Payment Agents

In order for you, the consumer, to be able to control the use of your sensitive information, the site you use must utilize a Secure Payment Agent (SPA). The SPA provides the ability to convert your personal information into encrypted data that would become useless after your transaction has been completed. This way, a hacker is unable to trace the information back to you. This type of identity fraud protection will encrypt your financial information, protect against phishing schemes, verify you and your device before allowing you to proceed, and allows the merchants to be able to send purchasing and shipping confirmations whenever needed.

Electronic Signatures

You can also make sure of the electronic signature feature when you want to verify your online purchases but you need to know the laws that govern this type of transaction before you proceed. Often this is nothing more than clicking on a particular box that says you have accepted the terms listed. Most people are in a hurry and often click the box without reading the law associated with it and discover too late that their online purchases come with an extra hassle. Transactions confirmed by an E-signature lack the necessary safeguards that can protect you against identity theft. If you’re concerned about identity fraud protection avoid using the E-signature method until you’ve read and understood the law fully.

Use Single Use Cards

If you’re really concerned about adequate identity fraud protection you can use a single-use card. Some major banks like Citibank or Bank of America offer these one-time-use-only cards to make online purchases. They are issued with a randomly generated account number in place of your real account number. This way you never have to give out your actual credit card number or use your real card to make a purchase. Once a transaction has been made, the card can not be used anywhere else. If you need to make another purchase, you can get another single-use card from your bank.
It is very convenient to shop online but that ease does not come without risks. Credit monitoring experts point out that those who exercise caution before they provide their private information online reduce their risk of credit fraud considerably. Identity theft is a major problem in this world today and will continue to be until consumers start taking the problem seriously and become more proactive in setting up a plan to protect themselves. You can get more information from about identity protection & credit monitoring at http://www.stopidentityfraud.org/credit-monitoring-services

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