The Top 3 Nutritional Supplements Everyone Should be Using

Today’s topic is the Top Three Nutritional Supplements that I recommend to all of my patients. It s very common that people are starting to go more towards a natural healthcare. They re looking for nutritional supplements and some food products to help aid in their healthcare. What I like to recommend to my patients is just the top three right now, because very commonly when you start to give them too many options, they start to become less compliant so I usually go with the top three. My top three things are the first thing that everybody should be on is a multivitamin.

When I say multivitamin, what I like to recommend is a multivitamin that was called a food-state multivitamin, which means that the actual pill that you re taking is made from food product. It s not made in a factory or produced artificially and that s the best type because it s the most well-absorbed in our body because it s a natural food product. You can actually take it without food because it is food. Where some other vitamins you have to take with food. That s the first thing is a food-state multivitamin.

The second thing that I always recommend is a good omega three fish oil. You could take that in a pill form or you could take that in a liquid form. I personally take and recommend to my patients a liquid form because you just take a tablespoon in the morning and that will be good for the day. For some other pills, you have to take three to four to five pills in the morning or in the afternoon. That’s sometimes overwhelming for somebody.

I always recommend more of a liquid omega three. What s the importance of omega three? The biggest thing that omega three does, this is a natural anti-inflammatory. Most of the diseases we have out there like heart disease, cancer or many disorders are inflammatory disorders. What omega three does is it brings down that risk by bringing down inflammation in the body. We have two main fatty acids that our body uses omega six and omega three.

The all-American diet they were on these days is very, very rich in omega six and all the processed foods, all of the unnatural things that we re putting in our body are very rich in omega six. Omega-six is a very inflammatory fatty acid. Omega-three on the other hand is anti-inflammatory. What we ideally want is we want a good ratio of omega-six to omega-three, closer to that 2:1, 1:1 ratio where the modern diet has gone up to. Ive seen as high as 10:1 omega-six to omega-three or even 20:1 which is an outstandingly high and that really cause a very big inflammatory process in the body and gives you more of a chance to have those type of disorders. When we start to take omega three, it starts to bring that balance more towards that 2:1 level or 1:1 level. We don t have an inflammatory process happening.

That’s number two is a good omega three fish oil. The third and final thing that I always recommend is what s called a probiotic. Probiotic is the exact opposite of what most people know is antibiotic. Antibiotic is what most doctors give you to help fight and aid against a bacteria that s in your body. The problem is what an antibiotic does is it takes out all of the bacteria in the gut. There s actually good bacteria in the gut that helps aid in your immune system. In fact, 80% of our immune system is in our gut. When you take out all that good bacteria, you re actually bringing down the function of the immune system.

A bonus supplement I like to recommend for a number of reasons is pure forskolin. The connection between forskolin for weight loss plus increased energy levels has been shown in multiple blind and double blind studies. I can assist with cAMP, asthma, blood pressure issues and many other health benefits.

You have more susceptibility to having some type of sickness or disease. Even though the antibiotic is helping aid in killing that bacteria, it s lowering your immune system in the long run, especially if you’ve been on a lot of antibiotic throughout your lifetime and never replenishing that with probiotic. That s the third thing that I always recommend is a good probiotic to help aid in that bacterial putting bacteria back in your gut and increasing the immune system. Once again the top three things are a good food-state multivitamin. The second thing is an omega-three fish oil. The third and final thing is a probiotic to help aid in the immune system. I hope these suggestions will help you live a healthier, more energetic life.

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